Results, Fixtures and Standings of the Tanzania Vodacom Premier League.

The History:
Tanzania Premier league was formed back in 1965 by that time it was called National League, and later on it was renamed First Division Soccer League. In 1997, the title was changed to Premier League when the league got its first sponsorship secured from Tanzania Breweries LTD (TBL), through their brand Safari Lager. By that time football governing body currently Tanzania Football federation (TFF) was known as Football Association of Tanzania (FAT).

In 2001, the contract with Safari Lager was terminated, after misunderstandings occurred between FAT and TBL, following that incident the league got its new sponsorship with
Mobile phone service provider, Vodacom Tanzania Limited. And in 2003, it was re-formulated and the league was named after their sponsors as Vodacom Premier League (VPL).

The clubs and Format:
Tanzania’s top flight clubs Simba SC and Young Africans SC (Yanga SC)  were already formed, Yanga was formed in 1935 and the next year 1936 Simba was formed by that time it was known as Queens, later was changed to Eagles to Dar Sunderland in 1971 it changed to Simba SC. These are among the most supported clubs in Tanzania and East Africa wise. Simba and Yanga are fierce rivals and their meeting is known as “Dar Derby” or “Dar es salaam Derby”. And these two are the most successive clubs in Tanzanian football history, with a total of 36 titles between them, Yanga have won 18 titles, with Simba equaling their record of 18 titles, after winning the league this year.

Apart from Simba and Yanga, there were many clubs that existed in the early stages with the likes of Cosmopolitan, Mseto SC, Pan African, And Tukuyu Stars.

Azam FC is among the teams to bring domestic domination and even across the continent, after its formation under good owners, Azam FC have so far being able to give headaches and shocks to the Tanzania giants (Simba and Yanga). Its a team to look after in the future.

The league uses the Double Round-Robin format, where each team meets the others twice. Currently the Vodacom Premier League consists of 14 teams Yanga, Coastal Union,
Simba, Mtibwa Sugar, Kagera Sugar, African Lyon FC, JKT Ruvu, Ruvu Shooting Stars, Toto African, Police Dodoma*, Azam FC, Villa Squad*, Moro United* and JKT Oljoro.

(* - teams relegated in 2011-12 season). And the newly promoted sides in this are Tanzania Prisons, Mgambo Shooting and Polisi Morogoro. 

The champion and the first runner represent the country in the CAF Champions League and the CAF confederation cup respectively while three bottom teams are relegated to the first division.

Most league games are played on the 60,000 seater National Stadium, Chamazi Stadium, CCM Kirumba Stadium and the Uhuru Stadium which is being re-constructed at the moment.

The Vodacom Premier League is coming to the top ranks and in the next few years it will be among the best in African Leagues. And as new sponsorship deals and ownership take over on Tanzania league clubs, will make them develop as well, and Azam FC being a good example of a modern team which has complete resources.

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